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Ordinary articles [This Mosaic]Spi municipal committee、Politics and law committee secretary Guo Xianpeng research golden pavilion project (2019-08-27)
Ordinary articles [This Mosaic]Elections to sanmenxia city research group of jin yuan branch of research (2019-08-23)
Ordinary articles [This Mosaic]Elections to the National People's Congress research group of jin yuan branch professional research of henan province (2019-08-22)
Ordinary articles [This Mosaic]Sanmenxia experts not affiliated with the coal mine enterprise group to support safety peer review jin yuan company… (2019-08-22)
Ordinary articles [This Mosaic]Jin yuan company east gansu koizumi gold mine technical work meeting (2019-08-15)
Ordinary articles [This Mosaic]Jin yuan trade branch overseas cooperation business breakthrough (2019-08-14)
Ordinary articles [This Mosaic]河南申家窑Gold矿顺利通过省级绿Color矿山建设考评验收 (2019-08-12)
Ordinary articles [This Mosaic]Spi jin yuan mining co., LTD2018The annual general meeting of shareholders (2019-08-09)
Ordinary articles [This Mosaic]Jin yuan company production and operation analysis be held August (2019-08-08)
Ordinary articles [This Mosaic]Jin yuan branch assistant general manager Mr. Guo to tripartite confrontation guides the work of mining technology (2019-07-30)
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The main products


· Silver
· Gold
· Monoammonium phosphate
· Electrolytic copper
· Magnetite concentrate
· Ashing foil processing
· The red foil treated group
· Soft foil
· B.for hard foil
· Sulfuric acid
· The magnet powder pellets

The construction of spiritual civilization 

Ordinary articlesJin yuan company held the party's basic-level organization transition and chong wen work on…
Ordinary articlesJin yuan company won the sanmenxia unpaid blood donation work advanced unit
Ordinary articlesSpring flowers,Right volunteer service
Ordinary articlesJin yuan company advance will create a civilization work
Ordinary articlesLingbao city create provincial civilized city propaganda education handbook
Ordinary articlesJin yuan company actively“Anti-triad putting”Special knowledge training…
Ordinary articlesJin yuan company“Autumn student”Warm family difficult employees

Science and technology research and development
Ordinary articles Jin yuan company to pick the China gold system“Science and technology awards”…
Ordinary articles Jin yuan tong hui branch“Vacuum casting technology”Put into use
Ordinary articles Jin yuan dynasty fai company a technical won the provincial scientific and technological achievements
Ordinary articles The morning company another technical won the national patent authorization
Ordinary articles The first Chinese gold system line science and technology achievement awards,The male…
Ordinary articles The morning company was awarded two national utility model patents
Ordinary articles The company technology center by state“Award”Financial support
Jin yuan people
Ordinary articles Mineral smelting and chief engineer Wang Anli enjoy company“The government of henan province…
Ordinary articles Company staff shi-feng li won the market“The best worker”The title
Ordinary articles The company held“To meet the National Day”The worker basketball game
Ordinary articles The company's financial personnel study atmosphere thick
Ordinary articles Days fly high  Sea (see article)
Ordinary articles A good soldier will draw it“Rainbow power”
Ordinary articles Small green injury  Jin yuan who pour their help
Ordinary articles The company won the spi staff technology has won the games
Ordinary articles A bona fides for safety
Ordinary articles The who James Ben Color
The enterprise culture
Ordinary articles Company was rated as high-tech enterprises in henan province
Ordinary articles Company was rated as intellectual property advantage enterprises in henan province…
Ordinary articles The company won the unit ten scientific and technological innovation in henan province…
Ordinary articles The company is evaluated2007Years industry in henan province…
Ordinary articles The company is evaluated2006The annual tax gong of henan province…
Ordinary articles 2005The annual integrity large taxpayer in henan province
Ordinary articles 2006In selecting industry row was rated as China's gold…
Jin yuan
Ordinary articles “The Chinese dream•Labor is beautiful•Gold… (Anonymous)
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Ordinary articles Mine workers to achieve“Cheap samyama” (Qin Changmin Lee…)
Ordinary articles Company employees accept the national physique monitoring (Anonymous)
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